Structural Engineering

At Erimus Architectural Design and Build, we use our own Structural Engineers as part of the planning process and liaise with them every step of the way

A Structural Engineer is a key part of any construction project. Whether it’s a home renovation or a brand-new build, Structural Engineers are an essential component to any project.

A Structural Engineer forms a key part of the design team, working alongside the Architect to advise on and help design the project, making sure that the structural integrity of the building is taking into account of right through the design process.

They are highly skilled professionals whose expertise is key to making buildings as safe, structurally, as they can be.

A specialist service for full safety compliance

Works hand-in-hand with architects & consultants

Assessment and remediation

What Does a Structural Engineer Do?

,As the name suggests, a Structural Engineer is a specialist engineer that focuses solely on the structural requirements of a building. Their main objective is to assess the load-bearing requirements of a proposed building design and then preparing structural calculations to make sure the main elements such as, foundations, steel frames, walls, floors, roofs etc are designed and built accordingly.

Structural Engineers work alongside the architect and contractor to make sure your build is as safe as possible, from the foundations to completion.


How Our Structural Engineers Work


Erimus Architectural Design and Build, use consultant Structural Engineers to help plan and design your project. Working alongside our architectural team, the Structural Engineer will analyse, plan, research and design the structural components needed to bring your project to life.

The scope of our consultant Structural Engineers can vary from project to project, but can include:

  • Site appraisals and surveys
  • The preparation of briefing documents and feasibility studies
  • Preparing of a full structural design package for inclusion with the tender documentation 
  • Construction material investigations
  • Building regulations submissions
  • On-site inspection and testing.
  • Defect assessments and the development of remediation solutions

Our engineers work to the end of the project, rectifying an defects or snagging issues that arise following completion of the build.



turn sophisticated designs into reality

When Do I Need a Structural Engineer?

Whenever a project involves the stability of a building, a structural engineer is essential. They provide the vital structural drawings and calculations that are used by the building contractor and architect during the entirety of the project.

This information will also be provided when applying for and complying with Building Regulations and supplied to planning officials in order to obtain planning permission. 

Structural Engineers are also used for structural inspections, such as issues with subsidence. They identify issues with buildings and make recommendations to rectify the problem.


    How Much Do Structural Engineers Charge?


    Structural Engineer rates can vary depending on the size and scope of the project and what is required from the engineer. If a project involves multiple site visits, the cost will usually be considerably more than engineers that only perform one visit.

    By choosing our services, Our Design and Build method incorporates the cost of a Structural Engineer within the scope of the project, so you won’t be landed with any unexpected charges.


    Hiring a Structural Engineer


    You can benefit from the expertise of our consultant Structural Engineers as part of our full design and build service, or as an independent consultant. If you want to work with an engineer that will provide expert advice to ensure the safety and security of your build, contact us and let us help you turn your ideas into reality.



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