Architectural Design & Planning

A professional architectural and planning service to suit your project, marking the beginning of your journey with us.

Architecture is at the heart of what we do and is the first step in the process to bring your ideas to reality. As a client, you want a clear and concise method of working, which involves minimum fuss with maximum gains.

In days gone by, this would be a difficult task to undertake. A client would be expected to liaise between both architect and contractor in order to get the project moving. There was no clear line of communication and no point of contact, meaning projects could suffer delays and inevitably, costs would exceed the budget.

This method is still used today, but at Erimus Architectural, Build and Design, we take an entirely different approach to the issue, which makes it easier for you to get your project off the ground.

Tailored service to meet all your design needs for clients and other stakeholders

Fully RIBA & CIAT Accredited Architects & Designers


Clear and direct communication with all parties

Our Unique Service

At Erimus Architectural Design and Build, we understand that no two projects are the same. That’s why our personalised approach allows us to design our service to give each project everything it needs to succeed. As a result, this gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals in a cost-effective way and see your project turn into reality.


Our Approach


Our unique method of acting as a single point of contact streamlines the process. We provide a clear and direct line of communication between you and all the elements involved in the project.

Our team at Erimus Architectural Design and Build guide you through the planning and building regulation process, maximising the potential for success. We carefully prepare and submit your applications to the local authority on your behalf, giving you the best opportunity for approval and advance your project.

We follow the RIBA stages of architectural planning to ensure quality and consistency across board, so you can be safe in the knowledge that all our work is not only completed to our own high standards, but also to a professional and recognised standing.


What to Expect From Us


At Erimus Architectural Design and Build, you will experience the most comprehensive and inclusive architectural service across the UK. We work in conjunction with our consultant industry experts to give you everything you need to get your project off the ground.

And it all starts with the architect.

From initial designs, designing your perfect space and securing that vital planning approval, our team are here to expertly take your ideas from the drawing board through to delivery of your project.


The Experts You Can Trust


With an impressive portfolio, Erimus Architectural Design and Build have the experts you need to bring your project to life. We have experience of working on a diverse range of projects, from residential modifications to large-scale residential and commercial developments.

And, with our consultants, you will be assured of the Erimus Architectural Design and Build Guarantee of quality, service and high standards.

If you want to work with the professionals that have the experience to make your project a success, contact us today and let’s start turning your ideas into reality.





What is RIBA?

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a professional architectural membership body that spans across the globe. They work to deliver better buildings and places while maintain a sustainable environment. Our team us Architectural Build and Design, we pride ourselves on following the RIBA guidelines, guaranteeing your build is to the highest standards and quality.


    What are the RIBA Stages of architectural planning?


    To ensure your project is planned efficiently and effectively, Erimus Architectural Design and Build rigorously follow the eight RIBA stages of architectural planning. We have detailed the stages in the traditional method, so you know exactly what to expect from us when planning and designing your project.



    Step 0 - Strategy

    The first step of our journey is to understand your project, objectives and requirements before any drawings are made and designs created. We will prepare a business case, consider your budget and the associated risks, and outlines your feasible options.

    Step 1 - Brief

    Once your requirements have been determined, we prepare a project brief, undertake feasibility studies and agree a budget for the project. Site information is sourced, and we prepare a project programme and also source pre-application planning advice, ensuring we are ready when it come to the actual application.

    Step 2 - Concept

    At this stage, we prepare the architectural concept, and work with you and stakeholders to undertake design reviews and prepare a stage design programme. In addition, we obtain pre-application planning advice and agree with you the route to building planning regulations.

    Stage 3 - Spatial Coordination

    Your project is now starting to take shape. With the concepts agreed, our planners prepare and submit the planning application(s) to the relevant authorities and monitor throughout the process. We also review the design against building regulations and submit the planning application.

    Step 4 - Technical Design

    Here, we develop the architectural and engineering technical design, and obtain all the required design information that enables us to manufacture and construct the project. Development of a Construction Phase Plan is carried out and, if applicable, we submit an F10 form to the Health and Safety Executive and submit the building regulations application.

    Step 5 - Manufacturing and Construction

    Now you see your project coming to life as we carry out the Construction Phase plan. After finalising the site logistics, we implement the construction of the project, monitor the progress against Construction Programme and inspect construction quality once complete, all the while, complying with planning conditions Any site queries you may have are resolved prior to stage 6.

    Step 6 - Handover

    Once any queries and snagging issues are resolved, we hand over the building and complete any aftercare tasks that may be required.

    Step 7 - Usage

    After usage of the build has commenced, we implement Facilities Management and Asset Management. Evaluation of the building performance while in use, takes place as part of the Post Occupancy Evaluation stage.

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    Our Quantity Surveyors advise on all financial and contractual matters relating to the costs of construction projects, from procurement to final account.