Quantity Surveyors

A proactive and dynamic approach to Quantity Surveying, committed to providing a value for money service that gets your project moving

Quantity Surveyors are a key role in making sure the money for a project is planned and managed within the constraints of the budget. Regardless of the size of construction, or whether it’s a commercial or domestic build, ensuring every aspect of the project is correctly costed for and making sure the finances are in place, is crucial to the success of the project. By using the expertise of Quantity Surveyors early in the process, you can be sure that all risks are accounted for, and proficiencies and client savings are the main focus.

Erimus Architectural Design and Build offers a professional Quantity Surveyor pre and post tender services to private clients, building developers, architects, Quantity Surveyors, contractors and sub-contractors. Our dedicated team has the experience and confidence to carry out all your Quantity Surveying needs from Feasibility Costs for a project, and preparing and submitting invitation to tender, to building contractors and managing the construction costs from day one on site to Final Account and Close out.

Whatever the size and scope of your project, you can rely on a Quantity Surveyor from Erimus Architectural Design and Build.

Manage all risks and variations

Full pre- and post-contract QS service to clients, building contractors and other stakeholders

One of the few companies that provides a 'Bill of Quantities' service

What Does a Quantity Surveyor Do?

A quantity surveyor is a professional in the construction industry that specialises in providing advice and guidance on costs and contracts. They have an expert knowledge of the industry and understand how to efficiently cost for projects of all sizes.

A quantity surveyor’s involvement in the project often starts once the very early design drawings have been completed. A preliminary feasibility study is prepared to give early indications of the likely project cost before any major design decisions are made. Once accepted, the architect produces more drawings, and a detailed cost budget is completed. Once the final design has been agreed and all the tender drawings have been prepared, the Quantity surveyor then produces a Bill of Quantities (BQ). The BQ breaks down all the individual elements of the build process into specific areas of trade, which are then used to produce the tender, from which builders will price the entire project. During the Tender period, a pre-tender estimate is usually prepared using the bills of quantities to give an early indication of where the tenders will / should be from the contractors


How Our Quantity Surveyors Work


Erimus Architectural Design and Build use our own, in-house Quantity Surveyors to help cost for the materials you need to bring your project one step closer to reality. They work closely with you, and our architectural team to plan all cost requirements, doing so in three stages:

  • Pre-Tender Design Team Quantity Surveying
  • Post Tender Design Team Quantity Surveying
  • Post Tender Main Contractor and Sub Contractor Quantity Surveying

This method breaks down the process, giving clear and transparent procedures at each stage of the design.


Pre-Tender Design Team Quantity Surveying


This is the first step our Quantity Surveyors take when starting your journey with us. In the pre-tender phase, our Quantity Surveyors:

  • Prepare the initial feasibility estimates based on preliminary drawings / specifications
  • Prepare the budget cost estimates using detailed design information
  • Advise on cost differences between different construction
  • Prepare the Tender Bills of Quantities.                                                        
  • Prepare the Tender Schedule of Works.
  • Prepare the Full Tender documentation for competitive tendering
  • Prepare the Pre-tender Estimate from the Bills of Quantities / Schedules of Work


Post-Tender Design Team Quantity Surveying


The second stage comprises of:

  • Preparing a tender comparison report on returned tender Bills of Quantities / Schedules of Work
  • Review the tender returns with the Client and highlight as to which contractor is most suitable for these works.
  • Carry out a value engineering exercise on returned / winning tender/s to see if savings can be made.
  • Carry out monthly valuations on site, agreeing with Contactor and issuing the necessary certificates
  • Price any variations, to the contract, and making the necessary adjustments to the Contract documentation.


Post Tender Main Contractor Quantity Surveying


At this stage, our Quantity Surveyors:

  • Carry out tender enquires to all subcontractors for all elements of the project.
  • Review tender enquiries and completion of Commercial Bid Analysis. This is to help to understand what the Contractor or Subcontractor has tendered for and included in the price.
  • Invite the preferred subcontractor for a pre-award meeting to discuss their quotation in terms of price, try to negotiate for a cheaper deal, agree on how many operatives will be working on site, agree start date and end date and how they anticipate conducting build etc.

Once this has been agreed, we select the most appropriate JCT Contract and issue to Contractor. We then:

  • Administer the Contract order.
  • Liaise and visit Site to agree Payment Applications.
  • Prepare payment certificates and payless notice
  • Deal with any compensation events and early notices.
  • Prepare and submit CVR reports to Client
  • Update and review labour, plant and material forecast.
  • Update and review subcontract procurement schedules for additional workstreams
  • Report all figures back to the Client monthly via CVR and PSRT process.
  • Final account subcontractor when complete and off site and release first part of retention monies.

achieve value for money every step of the way

The Scope of a Quantity Surveyor

In general, the scope of our Quantity Surveyors can be varied, but often include but not limited to:

  • Bill of quantities preparation
  • Estimating
  • Cost planning
  • Budget and cash-flow forecasts
  • Quantities checks
  • Tender audits
  • Cost/value reports
  • Valuations
  • Main contract procurement and tender package compilation

Our surveyors will work with you to ensure the entire project is properly costed and that all work agreed is paid for within the budget. Our Quantity Surveyors proactively find cost-effective solutions and liaise with you at every stage of the project.


When Do You Need a Quantity Surveyor?


A Quantity Surveyor should be involved at the earliest design stage in order to take advantage of the full benefits they bring to a project.

In general, a Quantity Surveyor has access to the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which enables them to provide a client with an early cost estimate.

However, at Erimus Architectural Design and Build, we are committed to using our in-house expertise and data to source costs from previous projects, in house data and of course our expertise. Using contractor prices allows our estimations to be accurate, which can prevent any unexpected future costs.

If the early design and budget differ considerably, it is always best if this is known at the start to avoid any problems further down the line, especially if the client is looking for an unusual or uncommon design.  The Quantity Surveyor will be able to determine from where to draw a cost comparison from to enable them to effectively cost the project. In addition, the surveyor will identify areas where savings can be made, but still maintaining the expected quality, and discuss this with the client and architect.


Do I have to Use a Quantity Surveyor?


In short, yes. And, if higher costs and risks are involved, hiring a Quantity Surveyor is a wise and prudent decision. With their expert knowledge and experience of financial costing and management, it is always good idea to receive the help and advice from a trusted professional.


How Much Do Quantity Surveyors Charge?


The fee a Quantity Surveyor charges is always determined by the scale and complexity of the project. However, by having a Quantity Surveyor on board with your project, you could save a lot of money in the long run, and avoid a huge amount of financial stress that can come with any project.


Hiring a Quantity Surveyor

You can benefit from the expertise of our Quantity Surveyors as part of our full design and build service, or as an independent consultant. Working with one of our surveyors will see your project effectively costed for and prepared for tender

If you want to work with a Quantity Surveyor that will provide you with the expert work and advice to make your project a step closer to reality, Erimus Architectural and Design and Build are the team for you.

Our Quantity Surveyors will provide you with the service you need to take your project a step closer to completion. Contact Erimus Architectural Design and Build, and let us help you take that next step forward.

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