Are you getting the most out of your project?

Architectural Design, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying Services across the whole of the UK

Achieve upto 20% cost savings using our construction management procurement route

Architectural Design, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying Services across the whole of the UK

We work nationally - with a single point of contact

Architectural Design, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying Services across the whole of the UK

Gain access to a curated network of professionals

Architectural Design, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying Services across the whole of the UK

A fully comprehensive and inclusive nationwide consultancy service bringing together the planning, design and building of your project from inception to completion.

Together, we provide architectural design, construction management and quantity surveying services across the whole of the UK.

When starting a new building project, it can be a daunting task. With so many people involved at different stages, it can be easy to lose focus, not to mention keeping track of the budget. So, take a step back and let us step in and help.

Erimus Architectural Design and Build, is an multidisciplinary Architecture and Construction Management firm. Our unrivalled experience covers both new and existing buildings and ranges from extensions and renovations to new-build developments in urban and rural settings. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently offer outstanding services and effectively manage projects from inception to completion.

Our consultant team consists of RIBA Accredited Architects, MCIAT Designers, Quantity Surveyors, IstrcutE Structural Engineers, Chartered Town Planners, Project Managers, Contract Administrators and Construction Managers. Our integrated team combine their vast knowledge and experience to manage every aspect of your project, acting as your single point of contact to ensure the highest quality and standards, each and every time.

Erimus Architectural Design and Build are the conductor and work as the single point of contact for your project. Working with our consultants removes the need to appoint different firms, and by doing so, we bring every aspect of your project together at the right time. With over fifty years combined experience, our professionals have a complete knowledge and expertise of the various sectors and delivery of projects.

But you don’t have to take our full service to benefit from our experience. Erimus Architectural Design and Build can provide consultants at any stage of your project. Whether your simply looking for an Architect, Designer, Quantity Surveyor, Structural Engineer, Project Manager, Contract Administrator or Construction Manager, or any other in house Design team member, contact us and we can provide the right expert for your project.


Architectural Design

Our architects will help with the design and planning of the project and follow the individual RIBA stages of architecture.

Construction Mangement

Our Construction Managers use their expertise to break down all the elements of your build, then source and award individual contractors with the specialist contractors that best suits the project. We can typically make a cost saving between 7% – 20% via this procurement route.

Design and Build

Erimus works on the principle of taking responsibility for both the design/planning and the construction elements of a project. By covering these two bases, our work is more efficient, more cohesive, and saves you money.

Quantity Surveying

Our Quantity Surveyors advise on all financial and contractual matters relating to the costs of construction projects, from procurement to final account.

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineers make sure your buildings and structures are safe, stable and capable of bearing loads.

Principal Designer

Our Principal Designer is responsible for the planning, managing, monitoring and coordination of health and safety during the pre-construction phase of a project. This is essential if a project is likely to involve more than one contractor.

Contract Administration

Our Contract Administrators source potential contract partners and focus on the planning and execution of contracts between the client and building contractor.


Our planners help with the planning applications and building regulations of the project. They seek planning advice, agree routes to building regulation and submit planning applications on your behalf.

Principal Contractor

The Principal Contractor plans, manages, monitors and coordinates site health and safety. They work under CDM Regulations, and act as the Principal Contractor, conducting all activities as per HSE Guidelines.

Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible for day-to-day management of the project, and continually monitors the actual cost of the project against the budget.

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Who are Erimus Architectural Design and Build?

Erimus Architectural Design and Build offers a complete range of services that covers every aspect of your project, so you don't have to worry about any stage of the process.


Between us, our consultants have more than 50 years’ experience in the industry, providing both pre and post contract services across all building sectors, including residential dwellings, student accommodation, retail, commercial projects, leisure and high-rise buildings.


We work with private and commercial clients, building developers, building contractors, building sub-contractors and homeowners, and our projects range from £100,000 – £50 Million.


Architects have a common goal, and at Erimus Architectural Design and Build, we are pleased to extend our services to others within our industry. By acting as your sub-contractor, our Design Service is here to help other architects complete your goals and meet your deadlines. If you’re an architect who can benefit from our help, contact us and let’s work together for your client.


Our consultants have extensive experience working within and across architecture, quantity surveying, structural engineering, project management, construction management, contracting and contract administration, planning and design. We combine this knowledge into a close-knit group that intuitively knows how and when to subcontract other services. This way, we can assemble a ‘dream team’ configured exactly to each project’s needs.


If you want to work with a team that has the talent, knowledge, connections and experience to take your project from inception to completion, then Erimus Architectural Design and Build is the only choice to make.

To find out more about our work and fee structure, contact us today and book your free consultation.





What Makes Us Stand Out?

Making Your Ideas Reality From Inception to Completion

All our work is carried out with our clients in mind, which is why we take care of everything from inception to completion. Liaising with you from day one, right until the build is in use is at the heart of what we do. We give life to your project and don’t stop until you are 100% happy with the end product.

A Traditional or Design and Build Approach

At Erimus Architectural Design and Build, we utilise both the traditional and Design and Build methods depending on your requirements. Whichever route to build you choose, Erimus Architectural Design and Build have the experts to work with you from day one, and will be with you every step of the way.

Planning Permissions with Ease

It’s a well-known fact that projects can fail due to poor planning or incorrectly completed applications. But our step-by-step approach safeguards against common errors in the process, and make obtaining permissions for your project simple and effective. By following the RIBA stages, we meticulously plan every step of your project and apply for planning permissions only when the project is ready to advance.


Effective Project Management to keep control of your budget

All construction projects can face dilemmas when it comes to budgets and making decisions between cost and time-effective solutions. Our Project Managers work with you and under your priorities and advise you at every step along our journey together. Our expertise will guide you through the tricky decisions and manage the entire project from start to finish.

Build and Project Management

By managing the build from beginning to end, Erimus Architectural Design and Build ensure the highest possible standards are met across the board. We undertake an extensive sourcing process to ensure only the best contractors are supplied for the project. And, as we act as a single point of contact, we coordinate them throughout the whole process, ensuring quality and efficiency, each and every time.

Competitive and Transparent Rates

Our fees make Erimus Architectural Design and Build very competitive in today’s market, and our transparent fee structure ensures there are no hidden costs or complicated models to understand. And clients using our Design and Build Service can typically see a 10-20% reduction in overall costs

You'll Love Working With Us

Erimus Architectural Design and Build take care of everything, from handling all resources to providing the experience to handle any project. Regardless of size, whether it's a small build, large scale design or a full refurbishment, our consultation and design services guide you smoothly through the early stages of your project to completion.

Every project is different. From the very first phone call, we’ll aim to understand you and your project’s needs, to provide a bespoke package of services, and to remain connected with your core objectives. By tailoring services, costs and expectations from the outset, we can ensure that all deliverables are met on time and within budget.

We are a small expert team, so can provide a personalised service while liaising with much larger companies. By retaining this customised approach and by combining both in-house and outsourced expertise, Erimus Architectural Design and Build can remain flexible and agile. This means we can respond to external demands of a changing world while keeping clients happy.

Why choose us?

Erimus Architectural Design and Build have the knowledge, experience and expertise, and are ready to exceed your expectations.


We Take Pride in Our Work

Our dedicated team prides itself on offering the best, fully comprehensive service that brings every aspect of your project together. Additionally, we specialise with the integration of the design and building elements of the project effortlessly with all other involved elements.


We Keep Everything in One Place

We provide you with everything you need from the outset. Our journey together uses our knowledge and experience, while providing the resources necessary for delivering your project. In addition to architectural designs, we help you navigate through the building planning and permission regulations. And we also enable the provision of our structural engineering, quantity surveying and project management expertise. Our highly skilled team turn your ideas into reality, whilst also ensuring compliancy throughout the entire project.

A Solitary Point of Contact

Our method of working offers you a bespoke service that comes with the added benefit of having a solitary point of contact throughout. This allows us to deliver to both commercial and private clients, and meet your individually designed and customised requirements.

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