Principal Designer

How Our Principal Designer’s Work

Our principal designers work in much the same way as the contractor, except that they are brough into the project much sooner. They enter at the design stage and take an important role in influencing how risks to health and safety will be managed throughout the entirety of the project.

Decisions made at in the pre-construction phase plays a significant part in ensuring how the project is delivered to secure the health and safety of everyone affected by the work, including members of the public.

To do this, principal designers must:

  • Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the health and safety aspects of the pre-construction phase. They must take account all the relevant information that might affect the work carried out both before and after the construction phase has started
  • Advise the client in delivering pre-construction information, whilst providing the information designers and contractors require for them to carry out their duties
  • Work with all designers foresee and eliminate potential health and safety risks to anyone affected by the work, including members of the public, taking steps to reduce the risks
  • Ensure that everyone involved in the pre-construction phase communicates and cooperates effectively and coordinate their work with others across the site
  • Liaise with the principal contractor, advising them of any risks that need to be controlled during the construction phase

As with the principal contractor, our principal designer also work in the traditional method of single appointment, or as part of our Design and Build scheme

Plans and manages health and safety risks prior to construction

Works hand-in-hand with the Principal Contractor

Informs clients and contractors about all safety elements of a project

When should a principal designer be appointed?

The principal designer should be appointed by the client as early as possible in the design process, and where practicable, at the concept stage of the project. Why is a principal designer important in ensuring construction is carried out in a way that avoids harm?

A principal designer has an important role in influencing how the risks to health and safety should be managed and incorporated into the wider management of a project.  Design decisions taken during the pre-construction phase can have a significant effect on whether a project is delivered in a way that secures health and safety. The principal designer’s role involves close cooperation with the client and the principal contractor, and coordinating the work of others in the project team to ensure that significant and foreseeable risks are managed throughout the design process.


What skills and knowledge does a principal designer need?


A principal designer must be a professional designer with the ability to demonstrate they have the health and safety skills, knowledge and experience to carry out the work they are being appointed for. Our architectural consultants at Erimus Architectural Design and Build have all the skills, knowledge and expertise to identify, plan and manage all aspect of health and safety at the early stages, liaising effectively with the principal contractor during the build.


Can One Person be Principal Contractor and Designer?


Yes they can, but only if the principal contractor has the skills, knowledge, experience and capability to carry out the role of the principal designer, and is acting as a designer on the project in some capacity. If they are the designer in overall control of the pre-construction phase of the project, it makes sense to appoint them as contractor too.


Hiring Our Principal Contractors and Designers


Our experienced team can act as both principal designer and contractor. They have the knowledge and experience to take on both roles, either in a separate contract as part of your build, or as part of our design and build scheme.

Working with our principal designers and contractors will guarantee a first-class service in relation to the health and safety of your site and, as part of the Design and Build scheme, the costs of both will be accounted for in your quote

We will ensure that everyone involved in the construction of your project will be kept to the highest possible health and safety standards, each time, very time. Contact us today and see how we can help you with your health and safety requirements.



Designs health and safety into a project from the outset

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