Design and Build

An effective, all in one solution that provides the expertise to take control of your project from its inception to completion

Design and Build is a growing concept that involves the main contractor taking responsibility for undertaking both the design and construction work of your project for an agreed fee. It’s a model that sees the project go all the way from inception to completion, providing one solitary point of contact throughout the entire process.

At Erimus Architectural Design and Build, by using our consultant experts, from architects, quantity surveyors, structural engineers, construction managers, planners, contract administrators and principal designers and contractors to turn your ideas into reality.

Fees agreed in advance

Coordinated team approach

Fast and efficient delivery for bespoke projects

How does Design and Build Work?

Design and Build is a cost-efficient method encompass all services from architectural work to handover of the building, including any snagging and rectifying of issues, and the scheme with Erimus Architectural Design and Build sees the Contractor and architect partner up to design and build your project. Both parties work together with you to create, assess, plan and construct while saving time and money over the traditional model.

The client provides us with their requirements, and we respond by supplying our proposals, which includes the price for the works. You can then either appoint us to carry out all of the design work, or if the wish have a greater influence over the design, a concept design and outline can be prepared by a consultant. The contractor is appointed to complete the design and carry out the construction.


What are the Benefits of Our Design and Build Method?


With Erimus Architectural Design and Build, our consultants take full responsibility for the design, planning, organisation, control and construction of the works to your specific requirements, even including the management of on-site health and safety.

You can benefit from our Design and Build method as it gives you:

  • A greater cost certainty
  • Single point of contact throughout
  • A first-rate and bespoke design
  • A highly skilled and professional team of experts
  • Faster delivery than the traditional method

Our team have over Fifty years’ experience within the construction industry and it is the wealth of knowledge and expertise that gives us the skills and confidence to take your project all the way from inception to completion.

Design and build provides you with a complete, high-quality service and an efficient delivery, while keeping you informed at every step of the way.

A further benefit of Design and Build is that it reduces the procurement risk process for clients at a difficult financial period. Design and Build delivers a 100% cost certainty as both the client and contractor share the risk equally. And, by creating a single point of contact throughout, complete accountability lies solely with the contractor for the entirety of the project.





manage your project from inception to completion

How Does Design and Build Compare Against Traditional Procurement?

Projects that use the traditional process often tend to experience escalated budgets. This is down to the fact that anything outside the tender specification becomes chargeable, with the client taking the responsibility for it. Delivery times can also be longer and uncertain as any variations or changes to the project will have the knock-on effect of adding extensions to the programme.

The Design and Build method of delivery is more time efficient and cost effective, and the method is becoming more widely used across the industry. And, by managing the build from beginning to end, Erimus Architectural Design & Build ensure the highest possible standards are met across the board. Our table below shows the comparison between the two and where Design and Build is a far more effective option.



  Traditional Method Design and Build
Cost Construction costs at the start are unknown, with cost certainty achieved at a later date Construction cost realised at the initial design phase and is fixed
Control Client maintains control over both the design and construction Less owner expertise and resources are required
Time Design and construction occur in sequence, which can result in longer schedules and extended timescales Construction can overlap the design completion, which in turn reduces the project timescale
Risk Client bears the risk of consultant or contractor non-performance Client receives diminished risk and liability due to single team involved
Design Equal capabilities with contractor Equal capabilities with client
Communication                                No specific point of contact and client acts as arbiter for issues that occur for contractor and consultant companies Provides a single point of contact throughout project
Quality Equal capabilities with contractor Equal capabilities with contractor
Value Value engineering only occurs when contractor awarded tender Value engineering occurs at the very outset of the project
Flexibility Limited flexibility of client-side variations. Can add time to project that will ultimately change the proposed timelines and incur greater costs Quick to amend client-side variations, with designs and costs produced at the same time.

The design and build structure

The model below describes how our Design and Build method differs from the traditional model, which gives you greater assurances that your project will be delivered

Traditional Process

The model below shows the traditional architect method. It contains numerous layers of cost, is complex and the objectives conflict. There is no clear line of communication and this model offers no real-time cost consideration or any understanding of the prospect of the build coming to fruition. Using this model often results in delays and unexpected fees, which ultimately makes the construction longer to complete and at greater expense.

Design and Build

This model is much clearer to work with. The client has one clear point of contact, who takes responsibility for the entire project. It saves time by not doubling up on fees and by having all those with a vested interest in the project to feedback to a solitary central point of contact. There is a clear channel of communication between the client and Erimus Architectural Design and Build, and the use of our own consultants contribute towards savings in time and cost. The process is streamlined, with all concerned parties working towards a common goal of taking your project from inception to completion.

Working With Our Design and Build Team

All our experts are highly skilled professionals, who want to see your ideas turn into reality. Our combined expertise gives us the confidence to take on your project from start to finish in the short, most cost-effective way while offering no compromise on quality and service.

By offering our unique service across the whole of the UK, Erimus Architectural Design and Build can implement our design and build service anywhere. Regardless of your location, we will be with you at every step of the way.

If you want to work with our Design and Build team, contact us and let’s start our journey together. From Inception to completion.

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